Program Descriptions – by level of commitment

Programs with a * next to them are good choices for working parents

After School Enrichment/Curiosity Shop- Fall/spring – Begins work late summer/September to secure instructors for three week session of after school classes for October classes. Coordinates volunteers and registration process. Responsible for collecting fees, deposits and paying instructors. Will run program again in Spring, with some new classes.

Family Programs – Year long – Plans and oversees Monster Mash (large event held Friday prior to Halloween) plans activities, refreshments and entertainment for event. Plan and run winter and spring activities for families such as snow tubing, swimming, bowling etc.

Holiday Shop – Fall/winter – solicit and work with vendors, coordinate volunteer schedule for shopping and wrapping. Maintain wrap materials and supplies. Coordinate PTA sales table with merchandise and volunteers. Planning begins in September.

Jr FLL – Fall – This is an after school enrichment program that runs for 12 weeks and ends with a team showing at a local off-campus event to display work completed. Organize teams and teach program curriculum.

Staff Luncheon/Appreciation Week – Late winter/spring – coordinates volunteers for several committees ie. decorations, food, set-up and clean-up. Arranges catering and food donations. If run on regular school day coordinates volunteers to cover classes and office. Works with board on week long activities.

Walk for the Arts – Fall – This fundraiser directly impacts Arts in Education. Runs pledge and donation drive with students. Secure refreshments for walk and coordinate volunteers for day of walk.

Arts in Education – Year long – works with BOCES to secure approved programs for all grade levels. Works with instructors on contracts and payment. Manage and oversee budget.

Book Fair – Fall/Spring – work with Scholastic and school librarian to set dates for fairs. Coordinates volunteers for both fairs, set-up and take-down. Must be available during daytime to run fair. Responsible for all monies collected, making deposits and payment to Scholastic. Attend Scholastic Chairperson workshops.

Career Awareness Jamboree – will run in 2016, tri-yearly program. Coordinates professionals to come in and talk to students. Provides refreshments, oversee budget and instructor payment.

Fifth Grade Program – Spring – Plans year-end celebration and graduation. Responsible for coordinating volunteers, refreshments, decor etc.

Yearbook – Year long – work with students to create and design the layout. Work with yearbook companies on contracts and final product. Oversee sales and distribution.

Children’s Garden –Fall/Spring – working to plant in the courtyard and flower beds around the school. Coordinates volunteers, arranges for materials, supplies and speaker. Coordinates refreshment donations for students. Also involved with spring clean-up of school grounds.

Kindergarten Orientation – Late winter/spring – Establish and coordinate times for families to attend information session and children’s assessments. Coordinate volunteers to oversee activities for waiting children. Provide refreshments for teachers and parents.

PARP – Winter/Spring – create programs to build excitement for the program. Oversee student’s reading minutes and prize distributions.

School Banking – Year Long – Runs First New York FCU’s school banking program. Recruits new accounts at Back to School nights and Kindergarten Registration. Maintains spreadsheet of participating students, coordinates volunteers for weekly deposit collection and prize distribution. All supplies and prizes provided by First New York.

Ski/Snowboard Club – coordinates with West Mountain for schedule and pricing. Works with families on transportation and payments.

Walk About and Ice Cream Social – Spring – solicit ice cream donations and materials. Coordinate volunteers for walk about and clean-up.

*Adopt-a-Book – Spring – coordinates wish list of books with the librarian. Oversees payments and ordering of books. Sees that every book has name-plate and note.

Coupon Book Sales – Fall – Starts end of summer/beginning of school year working with coupon book representative for student sales of books. Responsible for distributing information, books and collection of orders and monies.

Homeroom Parent – Year long – Coordinates class parties and celebrations. Assists teachers with requested activities when able. Works with PTA for staff appreciation projects and activities.

*Label Program – Year long – collect and submit box tops and campbell’s labels. Keep up to date with contests and promotions. Work with PTA for cashing in awards.

*Make a Difference Day – Fall/Spring – identify and coordinate done-in-a-day activities for students that positively impacts the community.

Popcorn Kernel – Year long – Run monthly popcorn days on last Friday of the month. Coordinate volunteers. Responsible for purchasing supplies and maintaining equipment.

*PTA Membership – Year Long – attend Back to School nights to recruit PTA members. Distribute PTA membership information at beginning of school year. Oversee collection of dues and distribute NYS PTA issued membership cards. Maintain up to date list of members for PTA voting purposes. End of year submittal to NYS PTA for membership awards.

School Pictures – Fall – works with portrait company to distribute ordering information and packets. Coordinates volunteers and materials needed for picture day. Works on both picture days. Distributes photo packages to students.

*Spirit Shop – Fall/Spring – works with vendor to coordinate sales of school merchandise. Oversees school-wide sale and distribution of products.

*Student Directory – Fall – Coordinates collection of student addresses, phone numbers and email addresses at the beginning of school year. Maintains the database and solicits ads to pay for directory.

*Bulletin Boards – Year long – maintain schedule for PTA bulletin boards with program chairs. Make sure boards are up to date with PTA information.

*CHESS – year long – works with teachers to “publish” student’s written material into book form.

*Library Volunteers – Year long – schedule and coordinate volunteers for book check-in and shelving for grades K – 4.

*PTA Newsletter – Year Long – create online newsletter for PTA and teachers. Solicit stories and information from staff, program chairs and PTA board.

*Reflections Contest – Fall – work with art and classroom teachers to solicit submission to the contest based on current year’s theme.

*Scholarships – Spring – Pick up CHES PTA Scholarship applications from high school after April 1 and score according to weighted matrix – issue certificates and checks to top 3 applicants to be presented at high school scholarship ceremony. Coordinate nominations from CHES teachers/staff for 5th grade art award and forward to 5th grade teachers for final decision – issue certificates and checks for 5th grade moving up ceremony.

Staples Classroom Supply Rep – works with teachers & Staples to create pre-packaged school supplies for following year. Helps distribute information and collects payments.

*Star of the Week – Year Long – copies and distributes stars to classroom first week of school. Rotates stars on board weekly or bi-weekly.

*Website – Year long – maintains and updates PTA website.

*1001 Books – Year long – This program is self-running. Annual inventory done Jan/Feb to ensure all bags and books are present and in good condition.