Program Descriptions – by level of commitment

Programs with a * next to them are good choices for working parents

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After School Enrichment – Fall – Begin work late summer/September to secure instructors for a three week session of after school classes held in October. Coordinate volunteers and registration process. Collect fees. Make deposits. Request checks to pay instructors. Dismiss students at the end of the sessions.

*Communications – All year – Update FB page with announcements from program chairs and other pertinent information to keep eyes on the page. Monitor PTA general email ( Compile and distribute Weekly/Monthly PTA reminders. Maintain/Update the CHES/CHES PTA calendar on Google.

*Family Programs – All Year – Plan Movie Night every other month – purchasing/selling concessions and choosing movies. Organize other winter and spring activities for families such as snow tubing, swimming, bowling, etc.

FIRST Lego League Junior (FLL Jr) – Fall – Run after school enrichment program that for 8-12 weeks culminating with a team showcase at a local off-campus event (currently O’Rourke Middle School).  Coordinate student registration with FIRST, recruit coaches, organize teams, and teach program curriculum (provided by FIRST).

Holiday Shop PTA Table – Fall/winter – Coordinate PTA sales table with merchandise and volunteers. Most merchandise is hand made, which can come from a craft-making night that the chairs organize, personal crafting, recruiting local scouting organizations to make things, or requesting donations from families.

Holiday Shop Vendors – Fall/winter – Planning begins in September. Solicit and work with vendors, coordinate volunteer schedule for shopping helpers.

Holiday Shop Wrapping – Winter – Coordinate wrapping volunteers, set up wrapping stations the night before, maintain wrap materials and supplies (especially by requesting donations during after holiday sales).

*Monster Mash – Fall – Plan and oversee large event held Friday prior to Halloween.  Coordinate volunteers, activities, decorations, refreshments and entertainment for event.

*School Directory – Fall & Year round- In summer, migrate students to next grade to prepare for the next year. Directory submissions begin the first week of school. Collect student/parent names. Work with homeroom representatives to make sure that all student data is collected. Reach out to local businesses and parents to fill ad space and fund printed directory. Collect and deposit money for ads. Format directory data for printing. Coordinate printing with Mail N More. Distribute printed directories to all students by November. As new families join CHES, encourage them to complete registration on directory software.

Staff Appreciation Week – Spring – Coordinate and plan week long events for staff. Organize food donations. Work with homeroom representatives to decorate teacher doors for Walkabout/Appreciation week.

Staff Recognition Luncheon – Spring – Coordinate volunteers for several committees, i.e., decorations, food, set-up and clean-up. Distribute invitations to teachers. Arrange catering and food donations.

Walk for the Arts – Fall – This fundraiser directly impacts Arts in Education. Run pledge and donation drive with students. Secure refreshments for walk (bananas and water). Coordinate volunteers for day of walk.

Yearbook – Year long – Work with students to design the page layout with software provided by the yearbook vendor. Coordinate school-wide contest to design the front and back covers of the book. Work with yearbook companies on contracts and final product. Oversee sales and distribution of printed books.

*Arts in Education –  Year long – Work with BOCES to secure approved programs for all grade levels. Work with instructors on contracts. Request payment from PTA Treasurer. Manage and oversee budget.

Book Fair – Fall/Spring – Work with Scholastic and school librarian to set dates for fairs. Coordinate volunteers for both fairs, set-up and take-down. Must be available during daytime to run fall fair and immediately after school to run spring fair. Collect fees for book sales. Make deposits. Request payment to Scholastic from treasurer. Attend Scholastic Chairperson workshops.

Career Awareness Jamboree – Will run in 2020, tri-yearly program. Coordinate professionals to come in and talk to students. Provide refreshments for instructors. Oversee budget. Request instructor payments from PTA Treasurer.

*Drama Club – Winter/Spring – Plan drama club dinner with BHBL Food Services and operate concession stand. Deposit any money raised. Coordinate Drama Club field trip tickets/buses. Coordinate volunteers to chaperone rehearsals. Plan fundraisers, as needed.

Fifth Grade Event – Spring – Plan year-end celebration party. Responsible for coordinating volunteers to provide refreshments, decorations, entertainment, etc.

*PARP (Pick a Reading Partner) –  Winter/Spring – Create programs to build excitement for the program. Bring in authors to talk to kids about the writing process. Oversee collection of student’s reading minutes and prize donation and distribution. Should coordinate with Read for Ronald McDonald House program and teachers who participate in Six Flags reading program.

*PTA Portal Manager – All year – Set up portal for the current school year by updating Faculty/Program Chairs/Homeroom Representatives and granting appropriate access to data. Help program chairs with adding things to store, as necessary. Provide sales reports (spreadsheet from portal) to program chairs at completion of sales. Help with volunteer sign ups for programs, as necessary. Monitor directory email address ( Update information on the portal’s dashboard/website.

Children’s Garden – Fall/Spring – Provide opportunities for students to garden in the courtyard and flower beds around the school. Coordinate volunteers. Arrange for materials, supplies and speaker. Coordinate refreshment donations for students in fall and plant donations in the spring.

Kindergarten Orientation – Spring/First Day of school – Coordinate volunteers to oversee activities for waiting children during screening. Provide refreshments for teachers during screening. Provide snacks for kids and introduction/tour of school on Kindergarten Orientation day (first day of school).

School Banking – Year Long – Run First New York FCU’s KID$ program. Take deposits to bank every week. Recruit new accounts at Back to School nights. Coordinate volunteers for weekly deposit collection and prize distribution. Existing student banker names, supplies and prizes provided by First New York.

*Walkabout Ice Cream Social – Spring – Solicit ice cream donations from Stewarts. Create sign up for donations of materials for bake sale and dinner for families. Coordinate volunteers for setting up, serving, and clean-up.

Make-a-Difference Day – Fall/Spring – Identify and coordinate done-in-a-day activities for students that positively impact the community.

*Adopt-a-Book – Spring – Coordinate wish list of books with the librarian. Collect payment for books. Order books from Amazon. Catalog books and prepare for library circulation prior to distributing to students for delivery to teachers.

*Coupon Book Sales – Late summer/Fall – Work with coupon book representative for student sales of books. Distribute information and books. Collect orders and money. Deposit money at bank.

Homeroom Representative –  Year long – Coordinate class parties and celebrations. Assist teachers with requested activities when able. Work with PTA for staff appreciation projects (like door decorating) and activities.

*Label Program – Year long – Collect and submit Box Tops, Entenmann’s pouches, Hannaford Helps and any other reward programs that the school participates in. Work with front office to communicate Box Tops status for classroom competition. Keep up to date with promotions from companies. Work with PTA/administration to cash in awards.

Library Volunteers – Year long – Schedule and coordinate volunteers for book check-in and shelving for grades K – 4. Train new volunteers on shelving and computer catalog.

*Membership – Year Long – Distribute PTA membership information at beginning of school year via Principal. Attend Back to School nights to recruit PTA members. Oversee collection of dues via online and paper methodology. Deposit dues at bank. Work with treasurer to pay NYS PTA dues. Distribute NYS PTA issued e-membership cards. Maintain up to date list of members for PTA voting purposes. Submit to NYS PTA for membership awards.

Popcorn Kernel – Year long – Run monthly popcorn days on last Friday of the month (or other date set by Student Council). Coordinate volunteers. Purchase supplies. Maintain equipment. Deposit sales funds at bank.

*Read for Ronald McDonald House – Winter/Spring – Coordinate with Ronald McDonald house volunteer on dates for program and subsequent award presentations. Distribute and collect envelopes for donations. Should coordinate with PARP program and teachers who participate in Six Flags reading program.

School Pictures – Fall – Work with portrait company to distribute ordering information and packets. Coordinate volunteers and materials needed for picture day. Work on both picture days. Distribute photo packages to students.

*School Spirit Shop – Fall/Spring  – Work with vendor to coordinate sales of school merchandise. Select products to be sold in each season. Oversee school-wide sale and distribution of products.

Ski/Snowboard Club – Winter – Coordinate with West Mountain for schedule and pricing. Work with families on transportation and payments.

*Website – All – Maintain current information on PTA website ( Make sure that PTA page is up to date.

*Bulletin Boards – Year long – Maintain schedule for PTA bulletin boards with program chairs. Make sure boards are up to date with PTA information.

*Reflections – Fall – Work with art and classroom teachers to solicit submissions to the contest based on current year’s theme. Select entries to advance to the PTA Council level.

*Scholarships – Spring – Collect CHES PTA Scholarship applications from high school after April 1 and score according to weighted matrix. Issue certificates and checks to top 3 applicants to be presented at high school scholarship ceremony. Coordinate nominations from CHES teachers/staff for 5th grade art award and forward to 5th grade teachers for final decision. Issue certificates and checks for 5th grade moving up ceremony.

*School Supply Rep – Work with teachers to create grade-level or individual supply lists. Work with vendor (currently Mail N More) on sales. Coordinate delivery.

*Star of the Week –  Year Long – Copy and distribute stars to classroom first week of school. Rotate stars on board weekly or bi-weekly.

*1001 Books – Year long – This program is self-running. Complete semi-annual inventory in Jan/Feb and end of year to ensure all bags and books are present and in good condition. Replace any missing books/cards.