Welcome to the Charlton Heights PTA!

The Charlton Heights Elementary School PTA is a volunteer, non-profit organization made up of parents (that’s right – moms and dads), teachers and community members who want to make a difference in our children’s school experience.

All parents are welcomed and appreciated — and we want you to know that you have a voice. And you know what, we can never have enough volunteers. You are wanted, needed and the time you give is priceless!

Family involvement is what we are all about:

  • Parents donate an average of 4,000 – 5,000 volunteer hours each school year
  • Children and parents take part in over 40 different PTA sponsored programs and activities throughout the school year
  • Dollars raised through PTA fundraisers go to support programs offered to students, with 75% of our PTA budget going to to help fund the “Arts In Education” programs that brings artists, authors, storytellers, musicians, and dance groups directly into our school throughout the year to every grade level
  • Parents get to meet other parents, meet their children’s friends, and make a positive contribution to their community when they volunteer

What are some of our PTA Goals?

  • To increase parent and family involvement
  • To provide academic and social enrichment opportunities to children
  • To provide rich, educational experiences for CHES children
  • To effectively communicate PTA news and information in a timely manner allowing for a stronger bridge between school and home

How is the PTA Funded?

While a small portion of money comes from membership dues, the majority of the funding for our programs and activities comes from our fundraisers. Without these critical fundraisers (Entertainment Books and The Walk for the Arts) the CHES PTA wouldn’t be able to sponsor the many programs that enrich our children’s lives.

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